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Posted On: July 30, 2008

Construction Worker Safe After Spending Hours Buried

OSHA will investigate the site of a construction accident in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The accident occurred on a Thursday morning a few weeks ago when the ground gave way around Christopher Coppin, trapping the 34-year-old man for several hours. An estimated 100 rescuers from over a dozen departments rushed to the scene of the accident.

Family and neighbors watched as rescue crews worked to free Coppin before rain complicated the situation further. An on-looker commented that “I’ve been on several construction sites where bad accidents have happened. This is by far one of the most tragic ones I’ve ever witnessed.”

Fortunately, crews were able to clear the debris and move Coppin to a gurney in about four hours. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was listed in satisfactory condition.

Construction accidents can result in serious injuries such as severed limbs, disfigurement or brain injuries. If you or a family member has been injured on a construction work site, then contact our Boston construction accident lawyers. Our team of experienced attorneys is familiar with the safety regulations mandated by the state and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We will work with construction accident experts to determine who is liable in your case.

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Posted On: July 28, 2008

Two Workers Injured in Southboro Electrical Explosion

In Southboro, Massachusetts, two workers with serious burns were transported to the hospital after an electrical explosion at an abandoned cold storage building last week. The two men were working in the basement and caused the explosion when they cut a live wire that they believed had been disconnected.

Fire officials did not release the names of the injured workers, but an electrical worker was taken to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester and a demolition worker was taken to MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham. Their burns were not considered life-threatening. Four workers in other parts of the building (which is owned by Equity Industrial Partners Inc. of Needham) where the explosion occurred were not injured.

Fire engines from Framingham, Marlboro, and Northboro responded to the 911 call. National Grid cut off power to the building. Fire officials said they believe the explosion was accidental. An inspector from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was sent to investigate the building.

Whether you were injured in an electrical explosion or a construction accident, our Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers can help. We work with clients throughout Massachusetts to examine your case and make sure you receive the medical treatment and monetary compensation you deserve.

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Posted On: July 23, 2008

Crane Collapse at Refinery Kills Four Workers

In light of recent crane accidents around the country, crane safety has been a top concern for city officials across the country. Federal investigators from OSHA descended on a Houston oil refinery over the weekend to examine the site of a crane accident that took four workers’ lives and injured seven others. The 30-story-tall crane, which was capable of lifting up to 1 million pounds, had collapsed last Friday around 1:20 pm.

The Louisiana-based crane company Deep South Crane & Rigging released the names of the four dead workers. They were identified as: Marion "Scooter" Hubert Odom III, 41; John D. Henry, 33; Daniel "DJ" Lee Johnson, 30; and Rocky Dale Strength, 30. Two severely injured workers were sent to Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center Hospital for treatment. Five other injured workers had already been released following treatment.

One lawsuit stemming from the collapse has already been filed in a Harris County state district court on behalf of Grant Pasek, who was injured after jumping from an elevated bucked. Pasek’s attorney told the Houston Chronicle that the temporary restraining to preserve the scene and evidence relating to the crane accident.

Whether you were injured in a crane accident, on a construction site, or other work-related setting in Massachusetts, you deserve medical attention and workers’ compensation. Contact our Cambridge workers’ compensation lawyers to discuss your case. We value your health and safety, and we’ll work you to ensure that you get the best possible treatment.

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Posted On: July 21, 2008

Northborough Construction Accident Leaves Teen Injured

A 15-year-old boy was injured while helping his uncle on a residential construction project in Northborough, Massachusetts earlier this month. The uncle was identified as Stephen MacDonald of Natick and the company in question is Stephen MacDonald Construction, Inc. The names of the teen and his 16-year-old brother, who was also helping, have not been released to the press.

The two teens were moving lumber when the younger brother fell through a hole in the first floor, landing face-first in the basement. The injured teen flew by emergency helicopter to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester. Despite his injuries from the construction accident, emergency personnel say the boy was alert and conscious when they arrived.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) spokesperson Ted Fitzgerald, both OSHA and the Wage and Hourly Division of the U.S. Department of Labor are investigating the incident. The Wage and Hourly Division is determining whether child labor laws were violated. Several job are classified as too dangerous for young teens and the Department’s website lists “construction or repair jobs” as a potentially hazardous job.

If you or a family member sustained injuries on a construction site or other job-related environment, then you need a lawyer who understands workers’ compensation cases. Our team of Boston construction accident attorneys can explain your options and ensure that you receive proper medical treatment, as well as compensation.

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Posted On: July 17, 2008

Workers' Compensation Fraud Lands Exec in Jail

Mark Lay, an investment advisor in Ohio, was sentenced to 12 years in prison following a loss of $216 million by Ohio’s agency for injured workers. The forty-five year old was the Chief Executive and Founder of MDL Capital Management, which is now defunct. Lay’s sentencing was the grand finale of a three year investigation into investment scandals at the Ohio Bureau for Workers’ Compensation.

The state of Ohio invested $225 million in a hedge fund Lay set up in Bermuda. The state lost all but $9 million. Lay reportedly borrowed against the fund, which caused almost $213 million of the $216-million loss.

Lay was convicted for investment advisory fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud. Prosecutors asserted that Lay concealed information from bureau staff and took unauthorized risks. He claimed that his poor investment choices were not a criminal offense.

U.S. District Court Judge David D. Dowd Jr. ordered Lay to pay restitution of more than $212.9 million. In addition, Lay must pay $590,526 in forfeiture.

If you were injured on the job and are not receiving the workers’ compensation you are owed, then contact our Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers. We are experienced in workers’ compensation, wrongful death, and related cases, so we can make sure you receive the medical treatment and financial compensation for your injuries.

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Posted On: July 14, 2008

Machinery Accident Lands Worker in a Boston Hospital

On Sunday, July 6 a 38-year-old man suffered severe injuries after being pinned by an 8,800-pound machine at the Osram Sylvania plant in Exeter, New Hampshire. The machine, which is used to make light bulb equipment, fell onto the man’s lower half.

Several people called 911 and rescue teams called in additional people and equipment to help. Two sets of high pressure air bags and cribbing were needed to free the man. A helicopter from Boston MedFlight transported the victim to a Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, where he is receiving care for leg and other injuries.

The man’s name and the full extent of his injuries remain unknown.

A spokesperson for the Osram Sylvania plant told reporters that the man was not an Osram Sylvania employee but was hired by J.P. Sorrows, LLC, a rigging company based in Arkansas, to help relocate production equipment at the plant. The details of the accident are under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The investigation is expected to take several weeks, and the man’s name will not be released under the investigation is complete.

If you were injured on the job, then you need an experienced team of lawyers to make sure you get the medical treatment you. Contact our Massachusetts workplace accident attorneys for help with your case. You pay no fees until recovery.

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Posted On: July 10, 2008

Boston City Officials Examine Crane Safety

In response to a string of fatal crane accidents in New York City, city officials in Boston and around the country are cracking down on crane safety. Boston residents may remember the crane accident that occurred during the Big Dig in 1999. The injured worker settled for $8 million.

Though Boston building inspectors are already required to complete a 10-hour course about scaffolding and hoist safety, city officials say they hope to be even more cautious about crane safety in the future. Already state regulators in Massachusetts are working on a year-long initiative to make licensing requirements for crane operators even more difficult to improve safety. They are considering a proposal that would mandate a field test every two years so that operators can demonstrate their ability to operate the dangerous machinery.

Though OSHA claims that crane safety is a high priority, Boston’s 7News discovered that there has only been one tower inspection in almost three years, because the organization doesn’t routinely inspect cranes unless there has been an accident or complaint.

City officials in other areas are dealing with similar concerns about crane safety. In Washington, D.C., the district’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) launched emergency inspections of all cranes in the district (about 40 in total). In Florida, a bill that would have set statewide standards for crane operators was defeated in early April. In Houston, Texas, federal officials from OSHA are actually in charge of inspecting cranes and city inspectors check the cement platforms the cranes sit on.

Since crane accidents usually result in serious injuries, time is of the essence. If you or a family member were involved in a crane accident or other workplace injury, then our Boston construction accident lawyers can help. Our team of experienced attorneys will work with you during this difficult time to ensure that you get appropriate medical treatment and workers compensation.

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Posted On: July 8, 2008

Five Construction Workers Injured at Burlington Job Site

On a construction site at 5 Wall Street in Burlington, Massachusetts, an elevated section of cement collapsed, injuring five construction workers just before noon on Friday, June 20. According to Assistant Burlington fire Chief Steven Yetman, the section was about 15 to 18 feet above the ground and measured 10 feet by 80 feet in length.

The construction workers sustained back, head, neck, and arm injuries. Burlington and Rescue units transported the workers by ambulance to Lahey Clinic. The names of the injured workers have not been released.

Located at the intersection of Route 128 and Route 3, the building where the accident occurred has six floors and will be certified as a LEED project by the U.S. Green Building Council. The cause of the construction site accident is unknown, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) plans to investigate.

Have you sustained injuries on the job? Whether you work on a construction site or other job setting, our Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers can help. We’ll work with you to ensure that you receive the best medical treatment available and the workers’ compensation that are you owed. We can also protect clients from employers or insurance companies that want to cut off benefits or help families who are dealing with workplace wrongful death cases.

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Posted On: July 3, 2008

MBTA Suspends T Driver who Fell Asleep on the Job

Less than a month after a train accident on the D-line in Newton killed train operator Terrese Edmonds, 24, the MBTA has suspended another driver on the Green Line. The driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel and will not be allowed to return to work until passing a “fitness of duty examination.”

Boston magazine first reported on the safety issue in June when an employee and several people noticed a trolley driver drifting off to sleep on the C line. Several passerby attempted to report the incident and the customer service representative, who was later reprimanded, dismissed their concerns.

Min Perry, 37, of Wellesley, who was trapped in the wreckage and injured in the May 28 crash on the D-line, has filed a lawsuit against the MBTA. Since that D-line accident, a Needham commuter rail train fatally struck a 15 year old boy in Roslindale last week. In addition, a 79-year old Newton man was killed and a 52-year old Wellesley woman was seriously injured in a three-car train crash in Coolidge Corner on Thursday, June 12.

If you were injured in an MBTA subway, bus or commuter train accident, then contact our Boston injury lawyers. Our team of attorneys will recover payment for lost wages and medical bills relating to the accident. We have successfully handled hundreds of MBTA injury cases.

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Posted On: July 1, 2008

Deaths Resulting from Work Injuries Highest Among Latino Workers

Health researchers in Massachusetts and New Jersey discovered that Latinos have the highest rate of death from on-the-job injuries, according to a study published in the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Report on June 5. A third of those deaths occurred in the construction industry. In recent years, the most common causes of death for workers were falls and highway-related accidents.

One possible explanation for this discrepancy is that Latinos tend to work in high-risk industries as compared to other ethnic groups. However, language barriers and lack of training or supervision may also play a role.

The researchers calculated that the the annual death rate for Latino workers in 2006 was 5 per 100,000. That number was evening higher for Latino immigrants: 6 per 100,000 Caucasian workers had a rate of 4 per 100,000 and for African-Americans, that number was 3.7.

The influx of Latino workers is driven by both a desire for inexpensive labor and poor working conditions in immigrant’s home countries. Undocumented workers are often the most susceptible to potentially fatal injuries, because they fail to report safety violations or injuries that seem “routine.” Even those Latinos working outside of the construction industry may be vulnerable. Slipping on a greasy floor at restaurant or slicing out a finger at a deli may go unreported because of immigration concerns.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury or death on the job, then contact our Boston workers’ compensation lawyers. Our team of experienced lawyers can ensure that you get the medical treatment you need and workers’ compensation are you owed.

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