Cleanup Crews Finish Work After Massachusetts Tanker Truck Explosion

One year after a tanker truck exploded on I-91 at the Chicopee Curve, killing the truck’s driver, the environmental clean-up of the truck accident is ending.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection oversaw the clean-up project, and their primary concern was preventing groundwater contamination and runoff from the thousands of gallons of gasoline that spilled from the exploding tank. Crews spent nearly a year working down the side of a highway bridge and removing contaminated soil from the site.

In addition to cleaning up debris and contaminated soil following the fatal truck accident, crews are also working to improve interstate 91 and prevent future accidents. The construction project includes replacing the guard rails at the Chicopee curve and repaving the road.

Environmental cleanup from tanker crash,, March 30, 2009
I-91 tanker crash, a year later,, March 27, 2009
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