Construction “High Season” Isn’t Over Yet in Massachusetts

The temperatures might be getting cooler, but it’s still high season for construction work. In fact, with winter weather quickly approaching, many construction projects are kicking into high gear. Construction remains one of the most dangerous industries in the country, but you can dramatically reduce the risk of serious injury and death by utilizing safe practices at all times. It is an employer’s duty to provide a safe work environment. If your employer is failing to do so, discuss your concerns with them. If they refuse to take action, contact a Boston work injury lawyer to discuss your options.

Avoid the most common, and dangerous, construction-related accidents by following the safety tips below.

Construction Safety Tips

  • Hold routine safety meetings. Depending on the nature of your work, routine can mean weekly or daily. Avoid making safety information too general. The information should be practical and job-specific.
  • Ensure that workers on the ground are always wearing highly-visible clothing. The brighter, the better.
  • Hydration is important, even in cooler months. When properly hydrated, we are more alert and have better focus and concentration. Energy drinks and sugary sodas are not a substitute for healthy beverages, such as water, citrus drinks and electrolyte-rich Gatorade.
  • Don’t let the crisp fall weather fool you; direct sunlight can still be dangerous. If you’re outside all day, exposed skin should be protected. Use sunblock, wide brim hats, long-sleeved shirts, nape protectors, and umbrellas when necessary. In addition to being dangerous, too much sun exposure can also cause fatigue.
  • Use extra caution during night work. The graveyard shift can be especially dangerous when heavy machinery is involved. Humans are naturally predisposed to lose alertness when the clock strikes twelve. And night crews on road-construction projects have an even greater risk; drunk and fatigued drivers on the road can be deadly. High-visibility gear and reflective fabric and equipment is essential for night work. Vehicle warning strobes and police presence can dramatically reduce the risk of deadly accidents. Make sure adequate buffer zones and cones are in place, and equip spotters with air horns and whistles. If you’ve been injured while doing night work or any other construction-related activity, contact a Boston work injury lawyer today.
  • Drive and park defensively. All vehicles should be equipped with daytime running lights. When it comes to “following distance”, always adhere to the four-second rule. Before approaching intersections, always slow down. Tell drivers to always look before pulling out, and avoid the need to back out if possible. Remind drivers to never text, talk, or adjust the GPS while driving; distracted driving is deadly. And instruct drivers to set out a warning cone when parking a rig or another large vehicle. The cone lets people know your rig is an attended work vehicle, and they’ll typically park far away to give you extra space.

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