Construction Accident Leaves Worker Seriously Injured

Last week, a construction accident seriously injured a worker when a crane lowering the worker into a well hit an electrical wire. The construction accident occurred around 8:45am and the worker was flown by helicopter to a local hospital, where his condition is unknown.

The local power company had to deactivate power lines where the worker was being extricated, causing blackout conditions for approximately 3,300 businesses and homes in the area. Several traffic lights also lost power. Power was restored around 9:15am.

A second worker was standing in the hole underneath at the time of the construction accident. Fortunately, the worker was not touching the worker on the pipe or the pipe itself, so that worker was not injured and did not require medical treatment. Police have not released the name of the injured worker.

Palm Beach Gardens construction accident shocks, injures worker, February 19, 2009,
Construction worker shocked in Palm Beach Gardens, February 19, 2009,
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