Construction Worker injured by falling crane

Just a little over a week ago, on a Friday morning, August 31, 2012, an unnamed construction worker was pinned down by a piece of a crane that rolled off a trailer at Cummings Center in Beverly, Massachusetts. The worker was taken to a nearby hospital at around 10am and released only a few hours later with, thankfully, relatively minor injuries that in no way threatened his life.

According to the account of Peter O’Connor, the Deputy Fire Chief, workers were loading a piece of equipment onto a trailer when it just rolled off and injured the one employee. The man was conscious and communicative when emergency personnel arrived on the scene, and his being taken to the hospital was described as being precautionary for the most part. O’Connor went on to assert that the man was fortunate that a corner of the equipment remained caught on the trailer, keeping it from fully reaching the ground as it fell, thus mitigating the potential harm it could have inflicted.

The crew of workers hails from North Shore Marine in Salem, Massachusetts. They had recently finished a new building at the Cummings Center and only returned on the day to retrieve and remove equipment. Kevin Pelletier, owner of North Shore Marine, averred that all of his employees “are OSHA-trained and certified, all up-to-date on safety training. We put a lot of emphasis on safety,” he continued. “Everyone we work with is our family and friends.”

Cummings Center is in the middle of a building project where several parking garages are being erected. The accident occurred on the south side of the property, near Elliott Street and Route 62, and The American Barbecue restaurant. When made aware of the injury, Beverly fire, police and personnel from Northeast Regional ambulance all responded.

Fortunately, there were no other injuries reported. And the ones sustained by the lone North Shore Marine employee were minor. But if you, or anyone you may know, have questions, concerns, or need for counsel in regards to harm caused while on the job, please don’t hesitate to contact Altman and Altman at your earliest convenience.


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