Construction Worker’s Death Raises Concerns Over Safety On-the-Job

Following the death of a construction worker from Hidalgo, Mexico, an estimated three dozen people attended a vigil in front of the site of the construction accident to raise awareness about safety on-the-job. The worker was killed in January when a section of a concrete wall fell on him. An inspection revealed that the wall lacked metal supporting bars and proper footings, so all existing construction on the site was ordered to be demolished.

The wall collapse was one of three work-related deaths to occur in the area in recent months. In December, a sanitation worker was killed after a garbage truck backed into him, and in November, a seasonal worker at Wal-Mart was trampled by a crowd of shoppers on Black Friday.

The Immigrant Worker Occupational Health and Safety Committee of the Workplace Project and the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health sponsored the vigil to highlight the need for greater attention to workplace safety.

“Unless every worker can work safely, then no worker can work safely,” Suffolk Legislature deputy presiding officer Vivian Viloria-Fisher said. “We have to be concerned that everyone who goes out to do a day’s work, who also is a human being, is protected.”

Federal officials from OSHA are investigating the January construction accident along with the Suffolk District Attorney’s office.

Vigil held for builder killed at construction site,, February 9, 2009
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