Contractor In Windham Suffers Amputated Leg On The Job

A contractor who was hired to take apart an above the ground pool at a residence in Windham has suffered severe injuries and is in critical condition. Fire Chief Thomas McPherson Jr. reported that, “Preliminary reports indicated that the patient was a contractor who was disassembling an above-ground pool, which had a large amount of ice and water in it, and was being drained…It is believed that, at some point, the metal sides of the pool gave way, striking the patient.”

The victim, Steve Harriman, from Dover, New Hampshire, was reported to have a detached lower right limb just below the knee. He was transported to the Boston Medical Center by a medical helicopter and underwent surgery. He is now in critical condition. Other than the build-up of ice and water in the pool, the cause of this work-related accident has not been determined.

McPherson, who was on the team of responders said, “What we do is prepare the part that has been amputated and take care of that…Hopefully, we can get that person stabilized, get him over to the helicopter, to get him down to Boston, where, hopefully, that limb can be saved and reattached.”

As a victim of a work injury and amputation, an employee is entitled to wage benefits and can also possibly file a claim against the manufacturing company for a faulty product. Employers are obligated to protect their workers from workplace accidents and injuries.

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Man severs leg in Windham work accident , Eagle Tribune, April 1, 2011
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