Deadly Construction Accident Involving Scaffolding that Killed Three, Injured One Under Investigation

It may be months before investigators conclude their probe into the construction accident that killed three workers on Monday. The deadly incident happened when a piece of scaffolding—known as the mast climber scaffold—fell to the ground, causing construction workers who were on it to fall 200 feet. A fourth worker was taken to the hospital with injuries. The incident occurred in North Carolina.

The scaffolding had been attached to a new building. One of its tracks snapped off, causing the equipment to fall onto the ground.

Scaffolding Accidents
Scaffolding accidents have been responsible for numerous construction injuries and deaths. Scaffolding falls may be caused by faulty equipment, improper installation or operation, inadequate worker training, failing to provide a worker with fall protection equipment, failure by the worker to use the equipment. Other causes of scaffolding accidents include broken scaffolding, slippery scaffolding, improper scaffolding assembly, loose scaffolding, and scaffolding that wasn’t tested.

Sometimes the injuries are minor. Often serious injuries can occur including fractures, nerve damage, paralysis, brain injury, and death.

It doesn’t matter who was at fault. If you were a worker injured in a Massachusetts scaffolding accident you may be entitled to Boston workers’ compensation from your employer, as well as personal injury from third parties who should be held liable for what happened to you.

In other construction accident news, Last week, two people were injured in a partial collapse involving the upper floors of a building under construction. One of the victims sustained a serious head injury while the other sustained a minor injury. Both were transported to the hospital. Our Boston construction accident lawyers represent workers throughout the state.

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