Four Reasons Why You Should Hire a Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers’ compensation provides wage replacement and may cover medical expenses if you are injured in a work-related accident in Massachusetts. This is true even if the accident was your fault. These benefits are supposed to be easy to obtain, but that is rarely the case. In theory, you can apply for workers’ comp benefits without an attorney, but the process can be extremely complex and application errors can result in delayed or reduced benefits, or both. Below are five reasons why you should hire an experienced workers’ comp lawyer if you’ve been injured on the job.

Top Reasons to Hire a Lawyer Following a Work Injury

Free Consultation

Most lawyers will consult for free. At Altman & Altman, LLP, our initial consultation is free, and entirely confidential. Whether you decide to “go it alone” or retain legal counsel, a complimentary consultation can give you the guidance and direction you need to move forward with confidence. If you have been injured on the job, contact a MA workers’ compensation lawyer today.

Faster Approval Means Faster Benefits

If your initial claim is denied, you can appeal it, but the appeals process can delay benefits for weeks or months. Why not get it right the first time? By hiring a skilled workers’ comp attorney, your chances of a successful application increase dramatically. This is likely your first time applying for benefits. Experienced attorneys have filled out countless workers’ comp forms. They know what to do, and what not to do. In addition to improved accuracy, a knowledgeable attorney will also remove the burden of meeting deadlines and responding to requests. You are already under a lot of stress, why add to it with paperwork and claim management?

Forms, Forms, Forms

Do you love filling out tax forms? If you do, then ignore these next few sentences. If, like most Americans, you despise filling out tax forms, you probably won’t like this process much more. The language used on workers’ comp forms, lovingly created by government agencies, is rarely clear and to the point. What’s worse – even minor application errors can result in delayed or reduced benefits. In some cases, workers never receive any benefits at all. Lost wages can be financially disastrous, and many families don’t have the luxury of waiting weeks or months for benefits to kick in. Trying to handle the claims process alone can cost you much more in the long run. If you have suffered a work injury, contact a MA workers’ compensation lawyer today.

Claims Experience

When it comes to experience with claims, a skilled workers’ comp lawyer has it. He or she will be able to answer questions with relative ease. No time will be wasted while you try to figure out what information is needed and how to respond to questions. Even more important, if your claim is denied, or any problems arise during the process, you will have an experienced lawyer by your side to quickly, effectively determine the best possible solution.

Altman & Altman, LLP – Workers’ Compensation Law Firm Serving All of Massachusetts

If you have been injured in a work-related accident, the skilled legal team at Altman & Altman, LLP can help. Our experienced lawyers will help you navigate the complex application process. Further, if negligence played a role in your injuries, you may be entitled to additional compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages. We will analyze the details of your case to determine the best legal strategy for moving forward. Our workers’ comp team has an impressive track record of getting clients the compensation they deserve in a timely manner. If you have been injured on the job, we can help. Contact Altman & Altman, LLP today for a free and confidential consultation about your case.

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