Framingham, MA Employee Injured in Accident with a Saw

A Framingham, MA Public Works employee was seriously hurt in an accident with a 14-inch circular blade chop saw, said Framingham Police Lt. Ron Brandolini.

The unidentified DPW water department employee, in his 20s, was working on the sewer on Woodlawn Drive when the gas-powered saw he was using kicked back and cut his left shoulder, said Framingham Town Manager Bob Halpin. He “severely cut an artery in his arm” as he was working in the trenches, said Halpin. He was conscious and communicative at the scene of the accident.

The employee climbed out of the trench on his own, and then his co-workers treated him until emergency responders arrived, using a belt as a tourniquet. “It was a harrowing experience,” Halpin said. “They basically saved his life.” Halpin described the incident to Framingham Selectmen as a “serious workplace” accident.

A medical helicopter brought the employee to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston for treatment. The employee was in stable condition.

Kevin Franck, Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Office of Labor and Workforce Development, said “Framingham Police Department notified the (Massachusetts) Department of Labor Standards that a worker for the Framingham Water Authority received serious injuries while working in a trench with a circular saw,” He added that “A DLS employee was immediately directed to the scene to conduct a survey of the worksite and interview witnesses and other public employees present. Our investigation will focus on whether common industry standards for safety were in place, why the accident happened and how similar accidents can be prevented in the future. DLS is tasked with looking into public sector occupational accidents and helping employers to ensure the safety of public workers.”

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Source: Artery Severed in Saw Mishap,, February 27, 2013.

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