Highway Construction Accident Crushes Worker’s Leg

Last week, a construction accident on Maryland’s I-70 entrance ramp left a construction worker with severe leg injuries. John D. Evans’ leg was crushed by a milling machine after he reportedly tripped and fell in front of the machine.

According to police, the operator of the milling machine apparently did not see Evans fall and ran over his leg, which was crushed below the knee. The construction worker was flown Shock Trauma where he was in serious but stable condition as of last week. The ramp from 30 Eastbound to Interstate 70 Eastbound was closed following the machinery accident, but it has since reopened.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is now investigating the construction accident.

Man’s Leg Crushed in Highway Construction Accident, Your4State.com, June 30, 2009
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