Hispanic Worker Deaths Up 76% Since 1992

According to a recent editorial on Impre.com, deaths of Hispanic workers have increased 76% since 1992 despite the fact that the overall workplace death rate has decreased.

Latinos are becoming a larger segment of the United States workforce, but they also represent a disproportionate number of deaths. Five out of every 100,000 Hispanics die at work. For Caucasians, that number is 4.0 and for African-Americans, 3.7.

Latino immigrants also have 70% more fatal workplace accidents than non-immigrant Latinos, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Researchers attribute this statistic to possible language and cultural barriers, as well as a lack of training and supervision.

Another factor is that undocumented immigrants tend to work in construction, which has a higher accident rate than other industries, and tend not to report unsafe conditions because they fear the repercussions.

Death in the workplace, Impre.com, July 21, 2009
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