Industrial Accident Kills Construction Business Owner

Last Thursday, the owner of a construction company was crushed and killed when a large metal silo collapsed on top of him. Ron Samford, 50, was tearing down the silo with two of his employees, according to the county sheriff’s chief.

The company was hired to demolish a facility that had produced lime. The facility had been inactive for at least 15 years and had several 100,000 pound metal silos.

According to Tooele County deputy Duke North, “They were just using torches and cutting the metal and the bracing down and they had just completed their cutting and were moving out of the way when it just came down on them.”

The business owner died around 1:30pm. Three hours later, rescue crews were still working to lift the silo off of him. Another worker sustained minor injuries in the industrial accident but did not require a trip to the hospital, and the third worker was not injured.

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