Investigators Still Looking into Fatal Massachusetts Plant Accident

OSHA is reportedly wrapping up its investigation of Middletown Middletown gas plant explosion that killed five workers and injured 21 workers earlier this month. The state’s public safety commissioner announced on Tuesday that he anticipates the investigation will wrap up over the next several weeks. While the site is no longer considered a crime scene, investigators have not ruled out a possible crime.

OSHA is investigating the accident site along with Massachusetts state police and the US Chemical and Safety Board. According to federal law, OSHA has up to six months complete an investigation and determine whether any safety regulations were violated.

According to Middletown’s chief building inspect, it appeared that the workers had performed a purge of gas lines by sending nitrogen through the line, followed by natural gas to clear out any moisture, which is “an accepted and approved method.”

Source: OSHA investigating Middletown gas plant explosion site, The Register Citizen, February 17, 2010
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