Is Your Job Killing You?

Some job risks are obvious. Construction workers in Massachusetts are at an increased risk for falls, and law enforcement professionals risk their lives every day. But desk jobs? Physical injuries aren’t the only risk associated with the following occupations. High stress and emotional trauma can be equally debilitating.

The Worst Jobs for Your Health

Construction: As one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, even well-trained construction workers are at risk. Among the most serious construction-related risks are falls, electrocutions, chemical burns or inhalation of toxic fumes, and getting caught between objects or surfaces. To dramatically reduce the risk of serious injury or death, protective gear should be work at all times. Thorough and continued training is also essential. Despite their best efforts, construction workers are still at an increased risk for medical conditions such as lung cancer and asbestosis. And roofers and general laborers made the 2013 top ten list for occupations with the highest fatalities.

Service: Firefighters and police officers put their lives on the line to protect the public every day. However, burning buildings and violence aren’t the only risks these service workers face. The emotional toll from working long hours, caring for injured or dying people, and facing dangerous or violent situations on a regular basis, can be too much for one person to take. In addition to being physically dangerous, service jobs are also considered to be among the most stressful and emotionally challenging.

Farming, Fishing and Forestry: Those who love the outdoors may dream of being a professional fisherman (or woman), tilling the fields, or working in the Alaskan wilderness. But these jobs also come with an increased risk of serious injury and death. In fact, farmers, ranchers, loggers, and fishers were included in 2013’s top 10 list of occupations with most fatalities.

Armed Services: This category covers a wide variety of occupations, from fighter pilots to military lawyers. However, all military-related jobs have the potential to involve extended time away from home, long shifts, and the responsibility of protecting the lives of others. In addition to the risk of physical harm, military jobs are among the most stressful jobs in the United States.

Trucking: Truck drivers are at risk for multiple safety and health hazards. Many are exposed to dangerous fumes and chemicals on a regular basis, whether based on the types of loads they are hauling or from exposure while loading / unloading materials at loading docks. There’s also the inherent risk of being on the road, for long hours, in the middle of the night. Fatigue can be a very real problem for truck drivers, as can the risk of being involved in a collision with another fatigued, or drunk, driver. Hearing loss is also a common injury suffered by long-time truck drivers.

Desk Jobs: This deceptively-safe occupation can actually be quite dangerous, especially over the long term. For starters, excessive sitting can shorten our lifespan by years, while simultaneously increasing our risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Add to that the risk of back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and emotional stress, and desk jobs join the ranks of most unhealthy occupations. Deadline-driven jobs, such as held by event coordinators and newspaper reporters, are the biggest offenders, adding an extra level of emotional stress and anxiety.

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