MA Worker Seriously Burned During Fire At Lynn Chemical Plant

An employee was seriously burned during a flash fire at a Lynn chemical plant on Wednesday morning.

Lynn firefighters responded to C.L. Hauthaway Corporation, a plant that produces polymers and finishing compounds, after a fire ignited while an employee was mixing chemicals in a large vat.

“Something caused the chemicals or the chemical vapors to flash,” Lynn District Fire Chief Stephen Archer said. Firefighters are still unsure of what exactly caused the fire. The man suffered serious burns to his face, arms, and hands, and the building’s automatic sprinkler system was activated to help stop the spread of fire.

A hazardous materials team was dispatched to inspect the building, and the crew was able to determine that a formal cleanup was not necessary. At the time of the explosion, the building was evacuated. The incident remains under investigation.

Burns are a common type of injury in workplaces and can be caused from a variety of reasons including explosions, chemical spills, and construction incidents. Regardless of their cause, burns can be incredibly painful and can often lead to infection, permanent damage, disfigurement, and scars.

There are three classifications of burns: superficial (first degree, outermost epidermis layer burn), that is red and painful but does not cause blisters; partial-thickness (second degree), that causes clear blisters, wetness, and severe pain; full-thickness (third degree) that extends to deepest layer of dermis, causes skin to look charred, grey, or white, and damages nerve endings.

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Workers’ compensation law guarantees benefits to workers who are hurt on the job-even if it was the worker who caused the accident. These benefits include coverage of medical costs, disability payments, 60% of your average income, compensation for permanent injuries, vocational retraining, and death benefits for immediate family members if the worker was killed on the job.

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