Massachusetts Ironworker Critically Injured at Logan Airport Friday Morning

An ironworker has been critically injured after falling forty feet at a construction site near Logan International Airport in Boston this Friday morning. The circumstances surrounding the accident are still under an ongoing investigation. The preliminary reports have said that the man fell approximately forty feet onto a precast concrete slab that had also become dislodged and fell the same distance. It was not immediately apparent what had caused the concrete slab to give way and tumble the remaining feet to the ground. All work on the construction site has since been halted until authorities can determine the cause of the accident and if there are any remaining unsafe conditions that could pose further threats to other workers. No word has been given on the safety status of the construction site prior to the accident, with all available information supporting the idea that this was just a horrible accident.

The man who was injured is from Connecticut, but his name and information have not yet been released. Following the accident, the man was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital where he was listed as being in critical condition. The Boston Emergency Medical Service who transported the man from the scene of the accident to the hospital has said that the man has suffered life-threatening injuries. Although the extent and severity of his injuries beyond that has also not been released at this time.

Both federal and state officials are investigating the events that took place leading up to the accident earlier this morning. It has been reported that the worker fell at approximately 7:45 AM. The Connecticut man had been working on an addition to the airport’s central garage off of Hotel Drive when the accident occurred. Witness accounts from the scene have also not been released, and it seems that there is little information to be divulged immediately following this incident.

State Police spokesman David Propocio has said based on the preliminary investigation and the information they have amassed at the present, it does in fact appear to be an accident and nothing further.

State Police, federal officials, and inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are all working together on scene to determine the cause of the accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration arrived on scene at approximately 9:00 AM, a short while after the accident occurred. A spokeswoman for Massport named Jennifer Mehigan has stated that Massport officials are also assisting in the investigation, as the accident occurred on Massport property. Mehigan was the official who announced that all construction on the garage site has been suspended until the investigation has been completed.

Accident such as these can happen at any place and any time during construction. The advising of workers to use the proper safety gear and abide by safety standards is immensely helpful in preventing these types of injuries from taking place. The hope now is that the officials and inspectors on scene can work together to determine what went wrong and how to prevent these matters from arising in the future.

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