Massachusetts Club Denied Workers’ Compensation to Dancers

A settlement has been reached with a Stoughton, Massachusetts strip club that allegedly misclassified dancers and massage therapists as independent contractors, denying them overtime pay and workers’ compensation protections.

According to reports, roughly 50 women have asked to share in the settlement, which set aside $400,000 for the women and $200,000 for the attorneys who litigated on their behalf. An additional 100 woman who worked in the club between December, 2006 and September, 2009 reportedly may be eligible to share in the settlement.

Several other Massachusetts clubs have been sued or are being sued over similar disputes. A Suffolk County judge reportedly ruled last year that plaintiffs could seek damages from a Chelsea, Massachusetts club. Some clubs have now reclassified dancers and massage therapists as employees and paid them minimum wage. Misclassifying workers to avoid paying workers’ compensation is a common issue in other industries as well.

Source: Clubs strip dancers of worker rights,, September 20, 2010
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