Massachusetts Truck Drivers Are at Risk of Serious Injuries on the Job

Massachusetts truckers are subject to serious injuries when doing their job and not just when they are involved in a truck crash. That said, although truck drivers are often portrayed as safer than most people when involved in a collision-seated behind all that truck metal and at a more elevated height in their cab than other motorists in smaller vehicles-they they too can suffer catastrophic injuries and die.

If you or someone you love sustained such a serious injury, you should speak with a Boston workers’ compensation lawyer right away rather try settling with your employer or their insurer on your own.

While truck drivers cannot sue their employer for Massachusetts personal injury, depending on what exactly happened and who else was involved, a trucker may be able to pursue civil damages from third parties, such as the negligent other driver, the company that hired the trucker, and others.

Examples of Common Truck Injuries:
• Spinal cord injury from involvement in a truck accident or at a worksite accident. SCIs can lead to paralysis, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, and other health issues. Even if a trucker fully recovers, he/she may not be emotionally fit to go back to spending long hours driving on the road.

• Musculoskeletal disorders can occur when loading or unloading cargo from the truck and from the related heavy lifting. Such injuries may make it hard for a truck driver to drive a large vehicle, especially for extended periods of time.

• Injuries from fall accidents at elevated heights, including falls from the truck’s cab. Slip and fall accidents may also happen.

• Motor vehicle-related injuries. Most truck driver injuries occurred in traffic crashes. Spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, organ damage, paralysis, and death may result.

• Injuries from getting hit by an object. This can happen when a worker is lifting objects, attaching trailers, or opening containers.

• Back pain and neck injuries from hours of driving, lifting heavy objects, and dealing with the constant vibration of a moving truck.

• Repetitive strain injuries from lowering the landing gear, pulling the fifth wheel pin, and lowering and lifting the truck hood.

• Lower extremity injuries from accidents on the job, as well as from sitting for so long or frequent use of the gas pedal.

Truck drivers who end up with lasting injuries or disabilities may find that they are at a loss of income with no other means of making a living. Chronic pain can make it hard to enjoy a normal quality of life. Ensuring that you get all of the Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits you are owed can help.

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