Nail Gun Accident Leaves Contractor With One Eye

A contractor recently lost his eye after the nail gun he was using accidentally discharged. He was working outside a home when the work accident happened. A local fire official said that it is not known at this time how the gun went off, but that it did cause a nail to strike the worker’s eye.

Unfortunately, nail gun accidents are not that uncommon, especially because they are frequently used on construction jobs. While they are faster and more efficient than the manual insertion of nails, nail guns are linked to tens of thousands of work injuries yearly. Please contact our Boston workers’ compensation lawyers today if you have been injured by a nail gun or some other tool while on the job.

According to OSHA, one study found that over four years, 2 out of 5 residential carpenter apprentices will suffer a nail gun injury. Seeing as many construction workers needed their hands to do their job, sustaining even a puncture wound can make it hard for him/her to go back to work right away. There may be needed recovery time and even physical therapy. An injury may be so severe that the Boston construction worker may not be able to work in the industry again or perhaps only in a lesser capacity. This can severely impact a person’s ability to make a living and sustain a career.

Generally employees cannot sue their employers for their work injuries. However, they are usually entitled to Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, there may be disagreement over what happened and how much you are owed, which is why you want to contact a Boston workers’ compensation lawyer that will protect your rights and make sure you get your benefits as soon as possible. Sometimes the disagreement can be with the employer’s insurer.

Common nail gun injuries:

• Soft tissue injuries • Fractures • Structural damages • Hand injuries, including those to the fingers, nerves, and tendons • Lower body extremity injuries, including the thigh, knee, or foot areas
• Head injuries • Neck injuries • Chest injuries • Abdominal injuries • Spinal cord injuries • Broken bones • Traumatic brain injury • Paralysis • Puncture wounds
There also may be third parties that are not your employer who should be sued for the Massachusetts construction accident, which is where our Boston personal injury lawyers can help. For example, if your nail gun accident happened because of a defective product, you could have reason to pursue a Massachusetts products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer. Other possible defendants, depending on the specific of your case, could include the property owner, other contractors, and other negligent parties.

At Altman & Altman, LLP, we know how tough it can be to worry not just about your recovery but how to pay your bills. The sooner you speak with a Boston workers’ compensation lawyer the sooner your claim can be prepared and processed.

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