Newburyport, MA Construction Accident Leaves Worker with Burn Injuries

Two workers sustained burn injuries in a Newbury, MA construction accident on Tuesday. The incident took place in a trench close to a gas line.

At the time, crews were replacing old gas pipes when a flash fire ignited as a worker was welding a cap onto the old gas line. According to firefighters, there was still some residual gas, which was ignited by the welding torch.

Another worker ran to the trench, pulling the other man out. Both men were taken to the hospital. The worker who was in a trench when the fire happened sustained severe burn injuries to his face. The other worker sustained minor burns from the rescue.

The crews at the scene worked for contractor Midway Construction and National Grid.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is probing the Massachusetts construction accident.

Construction Accident Fires

Unfortunately, fires can happen at construction sites. Common causes of construction fires include propane, electrical short-circuiting, gas lines, acetylene tanks, and electrocution accidents.

Depending on the severity of the injuries a worker may even sustain permanent disfigurement and disability. The construction worker may have to undergo costly and painful rehabilitation. If the injuries are severe enough, returning to work in the construction industry may prove impossible.

Although construction workers cannot sue their employer for Boston construction accident compensation, there may be other parties involved that they can file damages again. They also are likely entitled to Massachusetts workers’ compensation.

Ideally when a worker files a Boston workers’ compensation claim, the employer should be able to collect all benefits without problem or delay. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There may be delays in payment or disputes over what (if any) is owed. That is why retaining a Massachusetts construction accident lawyer who is experienced in both personal injury and workers’ compensation can help insure that you receive all of your work injury benefits and any other damages you should receive.

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