North Andover Explosion Under Investigation

Last Thursday, a North Andover Department of Public Works worker was injured. The explosion is under investigation; however, it is believed that the explosion may have been caused by fumes from a cutting torch.

Kenneth Wedge, 59, was using the acetylene torch to remove the top of a barrel. It exploded and surged 20 feet into the air, throwing Wedge about 5 feet. Wedge’s pants caught fire after the explosion, but he was able to snub out the flames by rolling on the ground. The accident victim endured second-degree burns and a broken right arm, but no internal injuries were found.

As a result of the accident, the DPW will institute new worker training to prevent future explosions and OSHA’s industrial accident division will examine reports and police photographs from the accident.

DPW explosion under investigation, November 19, 2008
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