Office Injuries May Warrant Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation

While working at an office may sound like one of the safest places to have a job-free from the dangerous hazards faced by someone working in construction or another type of employment that exposes him/her to unsafe conditions on a daily basis-serious work injuries can still result. Unfortunately, many injured office employees don’t realize that they may be entitled to Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits. Rather than avail of these benefits, they end up unnecessarily spending from their own pockets for medical care and rehab.

Examples of Common Office Accidents:
Fall accidents: These may range from Boston slip and fall accidents on wet floors to trip and fall accidents over a power cord, an open desk drawer, or loose carpeting. Step and fall and stump and fall accidents can also happen.

Back, neck, or shoulder injuries from lifting accidents: You don’t have to be lifting heavy boxes to suffer a lifting injury. Carrying a file box filed with papers or even picking up an office chair and moving it to another location can cause harm to one’s body if either are done incorrectly.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive trauma: In this technology era, it is important that your workstation be ergonomically set up so that you don’t suffer from nerve, musculoskeletal, back, neck, or shoulder injuries because you spend hours in front of a computer. Carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar injuries may require surgery and even cause permanent damage, making it hard for the injured worker to continue doing his or her job. Eyestrain is also becoming an all too common worker health issue.

Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation

Even if you caused your own injuries on the job, the state’s workers’ compensation law is supposed to guarantee you work injury benefits, including your medical bills, disability pay, 60% of your average income (unless you now have a disability then, in that case, more), loss of function compensation, permanent scars/disfigurement compensation, vocational training (when the worker cannot return to his/her job because of the injury), and death benefits for the family in the event of a work-related fatality. Unfortunately, not all employers and their insurance companies will easily honor this guarantee and they may try to deny you what is yours by claiming that your injury isn’t because of your job. By working with an experienced Boston workers’ compensation law firm, you have a team protecting your rights and making sure you receive what you are owed.

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