OSHA Fines Paper Mill Following Fatal Workplace Accident

Our Massachusetts workplace injury lawyers have been following various accidents around the country. Last week, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced proposed fines of $75,000 after the death of a worker earlier this year. An investigation of the paper mill uncovered “repeat and serious violations” of workplace safety standards.

A 40-year-old worker died after being crushed between a metal wall and a 5,000-pound roll of paper on a conveyer belt. Inspectors found that the area lacked guards to prevent employees from getting caught between the two objects. In addition, investigators found a lack of eye and face protection for workers performing voltage testing on live electrical circuits, although this was unrelated to the fatal workplace accident.

OSHA requires employers to report deaths on the job within eight hours. Investigators from OSHA will then examine the circumstances surrounding the death to determine if any safety regulations were violated. The maximum penalty is $7,000 for each serious violation or $70,000 for a repeated or willful violation. These penalties do not factor in the cost of an injury or illness or the value of the worker’s life.

Here in Massachusetts, an Athol man was injured at a paper mill in Erving when a 900-pound roll of paper crushed his leg.

Source: Worker’s death to bring fine by OSHA, Buffalo News, October 8, 2010
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