OSHA Proposes Fines Against Newburyport Contractor

In December, a Newburyport scaffolding accident injured two workers who were working on the roof of a two-story home. The scaffolding apparently collapsed and threw the two men to the concrete sidewalk below, causing back and head injuries to both men, one of whom was the contractor himself. They were airlifted separately to Boston hospitals.

While investigating the construction accident, OSHA inspectors found six proposed six safety violations at the job site where the two men were injured. Four of the violations carry proposed fines of $2,100 each. The other two carry $1,500 fines. All six of the violations were classified as “serious.”

According to OSHA, the scaffolding was inadequate and employees were not protected from fall hazards or properly trained to work on a scaffold. OSHA also alleges that the job site was not equipped with protective systems to prevent falls and that the ladder was unsecured. The contractor has filed notice that it will be contesting the fines.

Source: OSHA seeks fines in Kent St. building accident, The Daily News, April 14, 2010
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