Salisbury Construction Contractor Cited by OSHA Following Explosion

Following an explosion that injured a worker at a Salisbury maintenance facility in July, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited a Massachusetts construction contractor with 11 alleged serious violations of safety standards. The citations carry a total of $44,000 in proposed fines.

According to accident reports, the worker was welding on a pontoon boat when vapors ignited from within the boat. OSHA investigators found that the boat lacked proper ventilation to ensure the escape of flammable gasses before welding. Additionally, investigators found that guards had not been set up to confine heat, sparks, and slag and combustibles were not properly shielded.

Although there were no fatalities in connection with the welding accident, OSHA’s area director for Essex and Middlesex counties said the accident underscores the importance of safety procedures because the worker’s injuries were preventable. OSHA investigates workplace safety issues and issues citations for safety violations, but in some cases there may be grounds for a work injury claim.

Source: Explosion at Mass. Maintenance Facility Leads to $44,000 Penalty,, December 18, 2010
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