Statistics Show Workplace Hazards by Industry

Although this blog frequently reports on Massachusetts construction accidents and similar hazards, construction workers are not the only ones to face serious hazards in the workplace. In fact, the service industries account for 70% of all on-the-job illnesses or injuries (that’s 1 in 1.43 incidents). That’s compared to just 1 in 62.44 non-fatal workplace accidents in the information industry and 1 in 32.69 in the financial industry.

The highest proportion of workplace deaths, 1 in 2.46, is caused by transportation accidents such as bus, subway, or trolley accidents. Surprisingly, only 1 in 36.34 workplace deaths are caused by fires and explosions.

But regardless of the industry, workplace accidents can result in serious injuries or death. That’s why it’s important for all employers to take responsibility for workplace safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration monitors potential hazards and issues fines and citations to companies that fail to comply with safety standards.

Source: Workplace Safety, Book of Odds, October 17, 2010
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