Swansea Man Killed in Forklift Accident

A Massachusetts man stationed in Iraq died recently after someone in his unit backed over him with a forklift. Army officials told the family of Sergeant Kyle Harrington that the forklift accident was under investigation and that his death was “training duty-related” and “non-hostile.” The 24-year old Swansea native was on his second tour of duty in Iraq and was assigned to repair Humvees and other vehicles.

When dealing with forklifts and other heavy equipment, it’s important to follow proper safety precautions to avoid death or serious injury. Accidents involving a forklift, scaffolding, welding equipment, on-site explosions, or other hazards can often result in permanent physical, emotional, and psychological damage to the victim. The impact of an accident can also take its toll on the family of the injured worker, who often must support the victim emotionally and financially after a serious accident.

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