Texting on the Job Possible Cause of Train Crash

Earlier this month, a train collision in Chatsworth, California killed 25 people and left 135 injured. More recently, it was discovered that one of the engineers involved in the deadly train crash was sending and receiving text messages while on the job.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is still working to determine the exact timing of the text messages sent and received by engineer Robert Sanchez to see if it corresponds with the time of the crash.

According to an analyst at J. Gold Associates in Northboro, Massachusetts, “texting is worse than talking on a cell phone because your eyes are down.”

The Southern California Regional Rail Authority already prohibits rail workers from using cell phones while on the job, and more legislation is expected as a result of this tragic accident.

NTSB: Train engineer in deadly crash was texting while on job, ComputerWorld.com, September 18, 2008
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