Toppled Crane Kills Operator, Injures Three

On Monday, a crane accident in Philadelphia’s Center City resulted in the death of the crane operator and injuries to at least three others. According to reports on the radio, the operator fell 125 feet when the crane toppled over at about 1:30pm, hitting a building containing a florist shop and apartments. The 40-year-old operator was declared dead soon after the construction accident.

Among those injured were a 70-year-old woman in a nearby car who was hit by either the crane or debris and was in stable condition at Hahnemann Hospital. Two others in the area were injured by falling debris.

Officials from the Department of Licenses and Inspection were investigating the scene of the fatal accident to determine whether residents could safely return to their apartments.

Report: Crane topples in Center City Philadelphia, killing operator, Philadelphia Business Journal, October 12, 2009
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