Two Accidents in China Highlight Work Safety Issues

Despite the current economic climate, the AFP reports that China is in the midst of a rapid construction boom, putting up buildings at a rapid pace. However, this growth has come at a high cost to China’s workers.

In fact, the State Administration of Work Safety estimates that 99 people died on construction sites between January 1 and December 14. The total death toll from work-related accidents during that period was 1,942.

Last Saturday, 32 more people died as the result of two difference accidents in China. The first, in the village of Donggangcheng, involved an explosion that killed fifteen people and injured nine. The accident is under investigation.

The second accident, in the city of Changsha, killed seventeen people after a construction lift plummeted to the ground. The lift was designed to carry only twelve people, so the police are questioning the construction company’s project chief, general manager, and lift operator.

China adds 32 deaths to dismal work safety statistics
, AFP, December 26, 2008
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