Two Injured in North End Crane Collapse

A dramatic scene unfolded in Boston’s quaint North End neighborhood on Friday morning. Multiple media outlets are reporting that a heavy-duty crane gave way and tipped over on Commercial Street around 11:30 am. The accident caused a chaotic scene as pedestrians scattered to get out of the way of the falling crane. Photos of the scene show part of the crane resting on a now-crushed pickup truck while the long arm of the machine extends into the baseball field in Puopolo Park across the street. The end of the crane created a foot-deep hole right on the third base line.

Two people, including the crane operator, were taken to area hospitals with unspecified injuries. Pictures from the scene show one woman being taken to an ambulance on a backboard with a neck brace. There are conflicting reports in regards to her injuries. Some media outlets are reporting that she was walking near the crane at the time of the accident while others suggest she may have been hit by the crushed fence around the baseball field.

“We were sitting about 50 feet away when a big crane came crashing down. I don’t know what happened. One of the supports gave out I think and it came down quickly,” said Josh Lane, who witnessed the collapse, according WHDH.

The overturned crane blocked a busy section of Commercial Street near the United States Coast Guard’s Boston headquarters. Fortunately, no other injuries were reported, but the situation easily could have been much more serious. Boston’s historic North End neighborhood attracts thousands of tourists from around the world every day. The narrow, scenic streets and countless restaurants draw heavy foot traffic around the area, especially on a nice day.

According to the Boston Fire Department, via “the truck carrying the crane had about 200 gallons of fuel and hydraulic fuel on board, some of which leaked onto the street.” The situation is further complicated by the incident’s close proximity to Boston Harbor and numerous highly protected historic monuments. Clean Harbors has arrived on the scene to assist with fluid cleanup.

Boston Fire urges commuters to seek an alternate route as the cleanup will extend into the evening. The boom, or arm of the crane is bend beyond repair and cannot be retracted, so removing the crane will prove to be a difficult task.

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