Worker Suffers Fatal Injuries at Myles Standish Industrial Park in Taunton

A construction worker passed away this Friday in the second fatal worksite accident in Taunton, Massachusetts in the past three weeks. According to preliminary reports, law enforcement officials were called to a worksite at Myles Standish Industrial Park at approximately 8:50 AM when an individual notified them of a worker with “life-threatening injuries”. The victim has not yet been identified pending family notification.

The Taunton Police Department, who responded to the scene, posted a statement online stating that, “Upon arrival it was determined that an adult male had succumbed to his injuries and was deceased.” The extent and nature of the individual’s injuries have not been disclosed at this time. Law enforcement officials have not indicated the nature of the accident that caused the fatal injuries to the worker.

In addition to the Taunton Police Department, the Taunton Fire Department as well as personnel from the AMR Medical responded to the scene in an effort to save the individual’s life. The worksite, which is located at Charles F. Colton Road, will now face an investigation in an effort to determine what events led to the worker’s death. According to reports, law enforcement officials have remained on scene to continue their investigation. The accident occurred outside of an 800,000 square foot wine and liquor warehouse facility belonging to the Martingnetti Company. The facility spans approximately 115 acres along the Charles F. Colton Road. Representatives from the company have not issued regarding the incident a statement at this time.

Taunton Police have indicated that multiple agencies are overseeing the investigation into the matter, but that only the district attorney’s office would be receiving questions regarding the accident at the present moment. A spokesman for the Bristol County District Attorney’s office, Gregg M. Miliote, said that they were awaiting further information from troopers responding to the scene before they would issue a statement.

This process is all too familiar for Taunton law enforcement officials as of late. They additionally had to respond to another worksite fatality on August 17th, in which a 48 year old man was killed when his construction lift flipped over at a construction site located at the St. Mary’s School. The victim of that accident, Kevin Miranda, was from Rhode Island according to the Bristol County District Attorney. Investigations into Miranda’s death are still currently ongoing.

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA for short, began their investigation into Kevin Miranda’s death on the day the accident took place. The spokesman for OSHA has yet to issue a statement regarding what the organization found during their investigation in to the St. Mary’s School incident. The organization is well known for placing strict workplace safety standards into effect and they will more than likely launch their own investigation into the accident that took place on Charles F. Colton Road as well following this second fatality.

Further information about the victim and the investigation is expected to be released in the days to follow. The Massachusetts workers compensation lawyer blog will be following this case and will provide updates as new information becomes available.


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