Worker Fatally Injured in New Bedford Industrial Incident

New Bedford officials have reported that a 35-year-man was the victim of a fatal work incident involving a shucking machine at a seafood processing plant on Thursday.

The man was apparently doing a routine cleaning of the machine when he became entangled in the machine’s rotary turbine engine. Rescue crews were dispatched to the scene, where he man was pronounced deceased. The incident remains under investigation.

Industrial machinery injuries are almost always severe and debilitating. A moment’s inattention or single misstep as well as a defective or unguarded piece of equipment can lead to irreparable damage of a limb, result in permanent disability and end a career, or even result in death.

While there are a number of types of industrial machinery that can cause fatal work injuries, the most common types of dangerous machinery include:

-Mechanical power presses -Powered and non-powered conveyer belts -Printing presses -Sheering machines -Drill presses -Meat-cutting saws -Milling machines -Grinding machines -Food slicers -Slitters
Before operating any type of machinery, employees should conduct a hazard analysis to assess his/her risk for potential injury. Additionally, employees should regularly inspect and service machinery to ensure that it is running efficiently and properly, and will not pose hazards to operators.

Sustaining any type of severe workplace injury can be a life-altering event, especially if you are a family member of a victim of a fatal workplace injury. Employers have a duty to their employees to keep workplaces safe and hazard-free and ensure that machinery is in proper working order to prevent industrial-type incidents.

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