Boston Porch Collapse Injures One Worker, Kills Another In Jamaica Plain Construction Accident

A construction worker was killed and another seriously injured when they fell from a porch that was under construction in Jamaica Plain. At the time of the Boston construction accident the workers were building rear porches.

Bill McCarthy, who is the worker that survived with injuries, said he is not sure why the porch collapsed. He fell from the top deck to the deck on the second floor. Construction worker Steve Lathrop, who fell to 30 feet to the ground, sustained fatal injuries.

Boston police are investigating the accident. According to the Boston Herald, a day before the tragic accident, the building permit for the job was pulled.

The Inspectional Services Department will issue violations to the contractor for what they are describing was illegal porch reconstruction and lack of a proper permit. A building permit, however, was approved Monday to replace worn out deck and porch parts to bring them up to code.

Unfortunately, construction falls continue to be a leading cause of fatalities in the industry. Common construction falls include:

• Falls from elevated heights, including rooftops, balconies, and porches • Falls through holes and skylights • Scaffolding falls • Crane accident falls • Step ladder falls • Falls from moving machinery • Slip and fall accidents

Boston Workers’ Compensation
While construction workers typically are not allowed to sue their employer for injuries on the job, they should be able to file a Massachusetts workers’ compensation claim for injury benefits. You also will need to have your medical and rehabilitation costs covered by your employer’s insurer. If you lost a loved one in a Boston construction accident, Massachusetts workers’ compensation could entitle you to death benefits.

Work injury benefits usually include coverage of your related medical expenses, 60% of your average income (or more if you sustained disability), disability payments, vocational retraining if you cannot go back to your original job, and compensation for loss of function, scars, or disfigurement. Unfortunately, employers and insurers may try to counter your claim to prevent you from getting paid.

A Boston workers’ compensation accident lawyer can protect your rights while making sure that you receive all of the benefits you are owed. Also, there may be other parties that you should sue for the injuries you or your family member sustained in a Massachusetts construction accident. Contact Altman & Altman LLP today.

City: Contractor failed to pull permit on fatal job, Boston Herald, November 26, 2014

City: Contractor failed to pull permit on fatal job,, November 26, 2014

Workers’ Compensation

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