Slip and Fall Accidents Can Cause Injuries on the Job, Lead to Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claims

With snow already arriving in certain areas of the state, now is a good time to talk about how Massachusetts slip and fall accidents on ice and snow can easily cause injuries to workers on the job. The risks of injury is high enough that, according to workers’ compensation carriers United Heartland andAccident Fund Insurance Company of America, this type of accident comprises close to one third of all work injury claims in the Midwest that require a worker take time off work. That said, in 2013 there were also workers who were involved in slip and fall accidents in other regions undergoing icy conditions in the U.S.

In Massachusetts, please contact our Boston workers’ compensation lawyers if you were involved in a slip and fall accident while working. It is important that you file your work injury claim with your employer right away. Unfortunately, there may be challenges in getting your compensation on time or receiving your compensation at all, which is why you want to work with an experienced Massachusetts work injury law firm that can help you while protecting your rights.

The United Heartland and Accident Fund are offering the following suggestions to minimize the chance of a slip and fall work accident:

• Wear boots or other slip-resistant shoes
• Walk slowly and purposely • Watch out for black ice formations • Watch out for icy or slippery floors outside building entrances • Be careful getting in and out of cars • Try to keep your hands free in case you do have a slip and fall accident
Employers should also implement snow and ice removal plans to make sure that surface areas for walking are safe for workers and patrons. Because an employee cannot sue his/her employer for Boston personal injury, it is important that they submit their Massachusetts’ workers compensation claim to get coverage for their medical costs, lost wages, and other related expenses.

Slip and fall accidents can be incredibly painful, leading to back injuries, hip injuries, broken bones, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and even death. If a party that was not your employer caused your Boston slip and fall injury on the job, you may be able to sue that party or parties for Massachusetts premises liability damages.

Slip and fall accidents can also happen on the job even when there isn’t snow or ice involved. Common causes of this type of work incident:

• Spilled liquids • Poor lighting • Uneven flooring • Torn carpet • Exposed cables and electrical cords • Holes in the floor • Uneven or broken stares • Failure to warn of hazards
Altman & Altman, LLP is a Boston workers’ compensation law firm that represents injured workers throughout the state.

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