Boston Real Estate Development and Property Development Company Guilty of Improper Asbestos Disposal

Attorney General Martha Coakley has recently announced that the Boston real estate development and property management company, JM Realty Management, Inc., and President John McGrail, were found guilty of improper removal and disposal of asbestos. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) witnessed asbestos material at one of their construction sites and employees also complained that the company was working at three different properties containing asbestos in Lynn, Boston, and Worcester, and that the debris was later taken to dumpsters not permitted for the disposal of asbestos waste.

After these complaints to the District Attorney’s Office, an investigation was started by the Massachusetts Environmental Crimes Strike Force (ECSF), a collaboration overseen by the Attorney General, the MassDEP, and the Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary. A serious violation of the Clean Air Act, asbestos removal and disposal is regulated by the government because breathing in the miniscule fibers can cause potentially fatal health problems and work-related illnesses, such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Regina Quinlan ordered McGrail, age 44, of Boston and JM Realty to collectively pay $200,000 in fines. She also sentenced the defendants to three years probation under the condition that they do not violate federal, state or local environmental laws. The defendants were also ordered to provide all employees with asbestos training and must have an independent auditor to evaluate their environmental actions.

In addition to these environmental charges, the company also faces charges for a lack of proper tax, payroll, and unemployment insurance.

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Boston-Based Real Estate Company, President to Pay $200,000 for Illegal Asbestos Removal and Disposal, Office of Attorney General Press Release, March 24, 2011
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