It’s Construction Accident High Season in Massachusetts

More construction accidents occur during spring and summer than in any other season. And the increase applies to all accident types, including falls, sun stroke, electrocutions, and motor vehicle accidents. There are many reasons for the spike in construction accidents during warmer months, including longer daylight hours, distractions, poor sleep schedules, heavier traffic in roadway work zones, high temperatures, and an increase in construction work overall. Read on for more information about construction accident high season and how to avoid serious injury and death.

Tips to Avoid Construction Accidents

In 2014, more than 20 percent of work-related fatalities occurred in construction. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), its efforts have significantly reduced work-related fatalities – approximately 66 percent since 1970. By following the tips below, you can significantly avoid being injured or killed in a work-related accident.

  • Wear high-visibility apparel. Anyone working on the ground or in roadway work zones should be dressed in brightly-colored and reflective clothing. Following accidents involving motor vehicles and construction workers, the driver commonly says, “I never saw them!” A Boston work injury lawyer can help you determine how to proceed if you’ve been injured in a workplace accident.
  • Training, training, training. In high-risk occupations, regular safety training is essential. For those working in especially dangerous environments, such as highway construction, even daily training may be necessary. Instruction on how to safely work around power lines and underground utilities, for example, shouldn’t be a once-and-done lesson. Constantly reminding crews of the ever-present dangers and how to avoid them is essential to the health and safety of everyone involved.
  • Stay hydrated. This is especially important during warmer months. Drink lots of water, citrus drinks, and other drinks with electrolytes. Avoid soda and energy drinks. In addition to protecting you from dehydration, staying hydrated also helps you stay more alert, focused, and may prevent fatigue.
  • Avoid direct sunlight when possible. If you must work in direct sun, cover exposed skin with hats, long sleeves, umbrellas, and nape protectors, and use sun block on skin that cannot be covered with material. A MA work injury lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured on the job.
  • Use defensive driving, parking, and backing techniques. All vehicles should be equipped with daytime running lights. Avoid texting while driving at all times. When you are in a parked vehicle, set out a warning cone to inform people that the vehicle is in use.
  • Use extreme caution when working with electricity. According to OSHA, electrocutions on construction sites are most commonly caused by close contact with power lines, improper electrical grounding of equipment, inadequate ground-fault protection, failure to follow instructions, and improper use of extension cords. Extra training is essential for those who work in close proximity to power lines and underground utilities.

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