Construction Accident Kills Four Workers

On Friday morning around 9 am, four constructions workers died after a drainage trench they were working in collapsed. The four men were digging the trench when it collapsed on top of them. The construction accident occurred on state Highway 12 near the town of Verdal, Nebraska, which is 155 miles Northwest of Omaha.

Police have identified the four victims as 61-year-old Gary Forsh, 43-year-old Brad Kelly, 24-year-old Travis Lunn, and 35-year-old David Peterson.

According to the Bureau of Labor, more than five thousand construction workers were killed in construction accidents in 2006, while many other workers suffered serious injuries. This type of work environment is particularly hazardous because of threats from a number of different sources: defective tools, fires, explosives, crane collapses, and other dangers.

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