Electrocuted Construction Worker Dies in Walpole

In Walpole, Massachusetts, a construction worker died after being electrocuted. Romulo Santoes, 47, was doing overnight construction work on a Wal-Mart when he was electrocuted while trying to re-attach electrical wires. The wires had been severed by a construction crew doing demolition work.

Santos was taken to Norwood Hospital where he was pronounced dead. He is a native of Brazil, and police are working to notify his family in Brazil, according to The Boston Globe.

This construction accident is currently under investigation. Experts say that this death could have been prevented had the construction company taken the right precautions.

The Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health has released a statement saying that swift action is required to ensure the safety of other construction workers on the job. According to OccupationalHazards.com, 20 building trades’ workers died on the job in Massachusetts last year and nearly half of those were immigrant workers. Between 1999 and 2007, 15 Brazilian-born workers died while at work in Massachusetts, eight from construction accidents.

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