Massachusetts Bill Could Expand Workers’ Compensation Benefits to Include Permanent Disfigurement to the Lower Body

In the state Senate, a bill was introduced this year that could enhance the benefits allowed for injuries involving permanent disfigurement under the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Act. Currently, workers here who sustain disfigurement on their legs, arms, and torsos are not entitled to work injury compensation for those injuries, although they may still receive other benefits for income loss, medical care, and non-scar based disfigurements.

Massachusetts workers’ compensation for permanent scarring is only provided for disfigurement that occurs to the neck, face, or hands. State workers’ compensation law awards a lump-sum payment to these permanently scarred or disfigured workers. If the injury is purely scar-based, the amount of the award will depend on the size of the scar and whether discoloration occurred.

The bill would allow workers disfigured on the lower areas of their body to get compensation too.

While the current compensation limits exist because of the belief that serious scarring to the lower areas of the body or the back are not as visible, this doesn’t mean that these scars don’t cause emotional trauma, not to mention that a scar is still a scar, or that the worker didn’t suffer severe physical pain from the injury accident.

Scarring on the job can occur in different situations and industries. Some causes of work-related disfigurement and scarring include:

  • Explosions involving oil or gas
  • Power tool accidents
  • Sockets that are ungrounded
  • Chemical burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Crane falls
  • Machinery accidents
  • Falling pallets
  • Slaughterhouse injuries
  • Construction accidents


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