Massachusetts Authorities Remind the Public About Construction Hazards

CBS 3 Springfield News reports that this is shaping up to be a busy summer for Massachusetts construction crews. With federal stimulus dollars backing new construction projects, crews are out in full force drilling, digging, and working. While this is good news for many of the workers employed in these projects, it also means increased risk of workplace accidents. Among those hazards are explosions or cave-in accidents.

That’s why Westfield firefighters and firefighters from Holyoke, Pittsfield, and Boston are learning how to save someone who’s been buried alive. Trench rescues require different equipment and expertise from fires and other types of accidents. Often, it can take four to six hours compared to the hour and a half that it might take to put out a fire.

It can also be dangerous for the rescuers, because of the risk of unstable ground. Fire officials remind the public that bystanders should not rush in and help at a construction accident, because they could get injured themselves.

Source: Danger in the Trenches, CBS 3 Springfield News, June 9, 2010
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