Massachusetts Contractor Fined $54K for Alleged Safety Violations

An East Boston-based contractor has been cited by OSHA for over two dozen alleged violations of workplace safety regulations. OSHA inspectors twice discovered workers exposed to fall hazards while working on a building at the intersection of Saratoga and Meridian Streets in East Boston.

The first inspection took place on August 21, 2009, when OSHA observed workers exposed to 26-foot falls from a makeshift work platform. Inspectors visited the work site again on September 9, 2009 and watched as workers were subjected to similar hazards. According to OSHA’s area director for Boston and southeastern Massachusetts, the workers could have needlessly died or been seriously injured as a result of these safety violations.

The proposed fines total $54,250.

Source: Makeshift Scaffold, Other Dangers Add up to $54K Fine for Contractor,, January 26, 2010
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