Middletown Power Plant Explosion Kills Five

On Sunday morning, a power plant under construction exploded into flames, killing at least five workers in Middletown. Officials are unsure of what caused the explosion, but it occurred around 11:17am while workers were testing the plant’s connection to a natural gas pipeline.

The mayor of Middletown said they were not able to determine exactly how many workers were onsite at the time of the explosion, because many of them were subcontractors. Because the construction accident occurred on a weekend, there were believed to be about 60 workers at that time.

The names of those dead were not released, because authorities still need to notify the families. This construction site explosion happened less than a week after federal regulators called for stricter safety measures during the installation and maintenance of gas pipes.

Source: At least 5 dead in power plant explosion, NewsTimes.com, February 7, 2010
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