Massachusetts Workers’ Comp Lawyer Discusses Liberty Mutual Ruling

The Massachusetts Appeals Court has ruled that Liberty Mutual was right to deny workers’ compensation benefits requested by a self-employed carpenter. The solo proprietor had severely injured his hand in 2005.

An administrative judge at the Industrial Accident Reviewing Board had earlier ruled in favor of Liberty Mutual, and the decision upholds that ruling. The carpenter had reportedly bought a workers’ compensation policy from Liberty Mutual in 2001, when Massachusetts sole proprietors could not cover themselves as employees under a workers’ compensation policy.

However, that changed in 2002, when Massachusetts began allowing sole proprietors to buy coverage for themselves as employees through a policy endorsement. Because the carpenter did not request the change to his workers’ compensation policy, the insurance company denied his request for benefits and the Appeals Court upheld that decision.

Source: Liberty Mutual Wins Dismissal of Claim for Injured Mass. Carpenter,, June 25, 2010
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