National COSH Releases Its List of Goals for Protecting Workers

On Friday, the National Council on Occupational Safety and Health, which includes 21 local and state committees/coalition and the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health, released its agenda for protecting workers on the job in 2009.

Their seven-item platform includes making health and safety a high priority for President Obama and the incoming Congress and ending the exemption for federal or state workers and farms with less than 11 workers in an effort to count all injuries and illnesses occurring on the job.

National COSH also plans to reduce or eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, reform workers’ compensation programs so that all injured workers gain access to health care, and boost worker involvement in identifying and eliminating workplace hazards. Also on the agenda is creating programs to assist vulnerable segments of the workforce including Hispanic workers.

NCOSH, APHA Urge New Agenda for Protecting Workers,, January 6, 2008
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