Worcester Plant Gets Fined for Safety Hazards by OSHA

A Worcester, Massachusetts gun manufacturing plant and testing facility has been cited and fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Admininstration (OSHA) for unsafe working conditions. The plant was inspected by OSHA after employees voiced concerns about inadequate safety measures such as protecting employees from overexposure to lead and from being struck by fragments during test firing of guns.

During its inspection, OSHA determined that the manufacturing plant had not conducted the mandatory monitoring to check employees’ lead exposure levels nor did they use engineering controls to reduce exposure levels, resulting in two willful citations with a proposed fine of $98,000.

In addition, the company received seven serious citations totally $17,500 in penalties. The citations cover a lack of lead monitoring and controls, shortcomings in the plant’s respirator program, a lack of protective clothing, and several other deficiencies. OSHA standards are designed by protect employees from potentially harmful lead exposure and other workplace hazards.

OSHA Fines Arms Plant for Lead Exposure and Firing Range Hazards, Safety.blr.com, January 13, 2009
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