Three Massachusetts Workplace Deaths in One Week

Our Massachusetts workplace accident lawyers recently read about a string of workplace fatalities in late August and early September. In the course of one week, there were three workplace deaths in Massachusetts. The first fatality involved a 34-year-old police officer who died in Weymouth while directing traffic at a utility site.

A few days later on August 31, an Attleboro water department employee died after being hit by a van while he was repairing a break in the water main. A few hours after that, a 51-year-old worker fell from a forklift and hit his head at a Super-Dog Pet Food Co. warehouse in Taunton. That warehouse accident marked the third workplace fatality in a week.

Authorities noted that one year ago, Super-Dog Pet Food Co. received eight safety violations from OSHA. Three of those were for violations of powered industrial trucks (forklifts). They also received a violation for failing to ensure that every operator had successfully completed the operator safety training.

In One Week, Three Workplace Deaths in Massachusetts,, September 3, 2009
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